Why Trinity Breathing?

Well, I come into blogging a third time in my life and the only reason I’m doing it again, is because there are sometimes in one’s life that you just need to get a few things out of your head and offer them to the world. Just see what God desires to use and what God desires to throw away. I believe in the importance of having a community discuss (in love) what God maybe up to in our inspirations and passions. And Now that I think I’m getting out of a little bit of a funk, I’m getting back into living into my full-potiental in this life and the live of the Kingdom.

Fr. Richard Rohr is an amazing man here in Albuquerque. You might not completely agree with everything he says, or you may desire to just be near him hoping that his awesomeness rubs off on you. Either way I believe that we must always search out the Divine truth (Jesus) within everyone. Why not look for Jesus in even you enemies and start to live lives with an emphasis on “both/and” instead of the popular western mindset of division as “neither/nor”. Anyway…..

Fr. Richard hosts a yearly conference called the “Conspire Conference”. The reason he calls it the “Conspire Conference” is that the Latin roots of the term “con-spire” is literally to, “breathe together/with”. That inspiration has brought me to the current title of this blog as ” Trinity Breathing”. This blog is hopefully my and your CONSPIRING with the Trinity Godhead and seeing what things stick for the future! So, it is my prayer that we all can use these posts as a jumping off point into a conspiring with Trinity and see what comes of it.

May we all enjoy the inhaling and exhaling of ultimate community. LHM, CHM, LHM.

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